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Interior Architectural Acoustics and Building Noise Control

ARCACOUSTICS™ offers complete interior architectural acoustical and building noise control products and systems for a variety of applications.

Our interior architectural acoustic product line includes acoustic ceilings and wall treatments, specialized acoustical underlayments, acoustic windows, acoustic doors and seals and other specialty acoustical treatments such as specialized diffusers and electronic systems to aid in acoustically shaping (soundscaping) an interior space.

ARCACOUSTICS™ also offers a wide range of building noise control solutions such as vibration isolation floating floors, ceiling and wall noise control products, equipment vibration isolation, building foundation isolation and duct and pipe wrap to enhance acoustical performance of the area being treated.

Our team of experts select and supply building noise control and interior architectural acoustic products suitable for a number of applications. From soundproofing a room with the use of sound absorbing materials and isolators to acoustic treatments such as acoustic panels, acoustic tiles, and acoustic underlay ARCACOUSTICS™ has all your noise control and interior acoustical needs.

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Residential Spaces

Residential Spaces

Improve home acoustics while maintaing a modern look with the use of our acoustic materials. Reflect sounds in rooms where the desire is to enhance room acoustics while reducing reverberation for privacy in others.

Office Space

Office Spaces

Enhance individual comfort levels and increase worker productivity by designing a space using acoustical materials. Address speech privacy while adding visual aesthetics.

Commercial Spaces

Commercial Spaces

Attention to the acoustics of commercial spaces conduce to a better guest experience. Acoustic treatments to the ceilings, walls and floors of the space can bring noise levels to a comfortable level and improve the space's acoustics.

Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

Create an environment for maximum learning through the use of acoustic wall, ceiling and floor treatments. Our products, designed for high traffic areas, reduce excess reverberation to foster a comfortable environment for learning.

Health and Medical Institutions

Health & Medical Institutions

Cultivate a space of healing by creating a quiet and peaceful environment. Through the use of wall, ceiling and floor acoustic materials, sound absorption can be achieved at speech frequencies and reverberations can be dimished.

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

Treat large open areas with acoustic treatments to reduce reverberation. Give your members confidence in your facilities, improve health and safety, and decrease the amount of noise leaked to surrounding areas.