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    Seismic Restraints – SeiSmiCon (for non-structural components)

    External simulations such as an earthquake or a wind twister can develop critical displacement that can affect the durability and the accurate operation of the machinery. Seismic Restraint could resist the imposed forces and limit the movement of equipment to all three directions. Seismic isolators are usually used for HVAC systems, pumps and in places that uninterrupted operation is crucial such as hospitals and government buildings.



    Seismic Restraint

    SeiSmiCon is designed to absorb high impact forces and ensure little displacement due to external simulations. It also prevents the creation of a sound bridge between the machine and its support base, due to their internal neoprene bushings, this the vibrations during normal operation are not transmitted.

    Four SeiSmiCon should be installed per equipment, one on every side of the machine, near the corners of its base.

    The application of the restraint must be done after the installation and the operation of the machine. Afterwards, restraint can be regulated in height.

    Metal sheets additions could be screwed or welded on the restraint’s parts, if it is necessary to be adapted with special needs of installation.

    It must be ensured that the machine frame and also the building structure have the necessary strength to remain both attached to the SeiSmiCon, during an earthquake or extreme wind loading.


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