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    VIBRO-JR is a jack up anti-vibration rubber mount with Regufoam for residential, commercial and industrial applications including raising concrete floating floors. It consists of a metal shell, that contains the anti-vibration polyurethane elastomer Regufoam properly designed to absorb the vibrations.


    Anti-vibration Jack-up Rubber Mount with Regufoam for Concrete Floating Floors

    VIBRO-JR is an antivibration rubber mount with Regufoam for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This vibration isolation system was designed for raised concrete floating floors.

    VIBRO-JR avoids creating a sound bridge between the floating floor and the supporting floor by ensuring the poured concrete doesnt touch the supporting floor

    VIBRO-JR consists of a metal shell that contains the antivibration polyurethane elastomer Regufoam which absorbs the vibrations.

    It is easy to install and allows for the regulation of height and helps avoid the use of the remaining plywood forms. It also creates an air gap which is beneficial for the sound insulation and the vibration control.

    VIBRO-JR is available in three different Regufoam densities and thicknesses in order to achieve the desired natural frequency of the anti-vibration frequency.

    Fastening / Installation
    1. Place a polyethylene sheet under and round all the surface of the concrete floating floor.
    2. Isolate the floating floor from the building structure, with a suitable anti-vibration board, between the floating floor and the wall
    3. Place the anti-vibration mount VIBRO-JR
    4. Insert the elastic tube, covering the screw. Cut the elastic tube in a suitable length, so it is greater than the thickness of concrete slab.
    5. Load progressively and uniform the rubber mounts turning clockwise the elevation mechanism using an appropriate female hexagon hand operated socket in order to jack-up the concrete floating floor.
    6. Place cover tap, if necessary


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