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    Reapor® Acoustic Noise Absorbing Panels

    Reapor® Acoustic Panels are high performance noise absorbers constructed from recycled glass. This noise absorber was developed to maximize noise energy absorption and resolves issues of fire and remains fibre free. Reapor ® panels are simple, easy to install and look like cut stone. Due to its unique properties Reapor ® panels are suitable for outdoor applications.

    This noise absorbing noise panel offers an exceptionally high NRC of 0.90 (50mm panel)


    Eco-friendly sound absorber for challenging environments

    Reapor™ Acoustic panels are high performance noise absorbers that look like cut stone. Developed to maximize noise energy absorption, resolves issues of fire, and remains fibre free.

    The core component in Reapor™ is recycled glass. During manufacturing, the glass is processed to form expanded granules, each acting as a sound absorber. The granules are then fused together to form a homogeneous panel which creates a highly efficient acoustic absorber with the highest non-combustible fire rating.

    Product Details

    • Bonded using adhesive or mechanically fixed depending on the application and substrate.
    • Easily painted with water based paint, rendered for a seamless finish or routed to provide varying texture and shadowing effects.
    • Easily installed to a C channel making fixing quick and easy or adhesive fixed
    • Fibre free and requires no additional treatment to maintain performance
    • Resists weather, water and UV exposure over an extended period time
    • Easy to cut to shape to allow for penetrations
    • Great natural ‘stone like’ look
    • Non-combustible
    • Light-weight

    Reapor™ Applications

    • Interior walls and ceilings of offices, retail spaces, hospitals, schools and aged care facilities
    • Rail and motorway tunnels, vent shafts and noise fences
    • Exit ways, smoking areas, stairwells and drive-through areas
    • Applications requiring high fire ratings
    • Outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants
    • Airports, stations, and carparks
    • Machinery or industrial enclosures
    • HVAC, plant rooms, substations
    • Shooting ranges

    Product Specifications

    Reapor 25/62562525 mm625mm x 625mm2.5 kg0.70
    Reapor 25/120062525 mm1200mm x 625mm5.0 kg0.70
    Reapor 50/62562550 mm625mm x 625mm5.0 kg0.91 (not painted)
    0.79 (painted)
    Reapor 50/120062550 mm1200mm x 625mm10.0 kg0.91 (not painted)
    0.79 (painted)