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    About Us

    ARCACOUSTICS™ was established as an affiliate of dB Noise Reduction® in 2015. Our experts in acoustics and noise control offer complete architectural and interior building noise control products and systems.

    Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, we offer acoustic solutions to a number of markets, providing added visual and acoustic aesthetics to various environments. Our objective is to improve individual comfort levels and increase productivity through the improvement of Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings.

    Our capabilities cover acoustical treatments for all aspects of your project. Ceiling treatments include acoustic panels, clips, cloud systems, banners and in-wall acoustic materials. For your wall treatment needs, we offer acoustic panels, diffusers, clips and in-wall acoustic materials. To protect the space from unwanted sound and vibrations being transferred through the floor, we provide specialized floors, floating floors, underlayments, plus full building and equipment isolation systems. In addition, we offer many other products such as acoustic windows, acoustic doors and seal systems, specialized diffusers and electronic systems to aid in acoustically shaping interior spaces.

    We work with only the best manufacturers in order to provide leading acoustic products for a variety of applications. In conjunction with our suppliers, we work hard to ensure that we not only meet your requirements, but that we exceed expectations through excellent customer service, design and acoustic results.

    Our affiliate company, dB Noise Reduction® (dBNR), was established in 2002 by noise control experts who specialize in advanced industrial and environmental silencer design. They have grown to include multiple sales and manufacturing centers in three countries, along with a growing network of worldwide sales and distribution points. Visit dB Noise Reduction for all your industrial and environmental noise control needs.