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    Vibration Isolation of Floating Floors

    Architectural isolation (decoupling) of flooring systems to prevent impact and structure-borne noise transfer into and out of the space can be achieved through the use of architectural acoustic materials.

    • Regufoam® Vibration offers outstanding internal dampening and low frequency isolation while supplying minimal deflection. Regufoam® Vibration is available in 12 different types, each for a specific load range.

    • Regupol® Vibration materials offer low natural frequencies which are constant over wide load ranges and can be installed in multiple layers. Regupol® Vibration is available in 8 unique types, each engineered for a specific load range, and available in either rolls or sheets.

    • Vibro-Band is used as an antivibration intermediate band between base (skirting) boards and the floating wooden floors. It prevents the passage of sound and vibration through the skirt. It is an neccessary accessory in wooden nailed floors, when used with the antivibration mounts Vibro-FM or Vibro-FS in order to prevent lateral transmitted vibrations.

    • VIBRO-EP is an antivibration elastic pad for the vibration control of air-compressors, air conditioning units, pumps, fans, generator sets, cutting machines and more. It is easy to install and suitable for large loads. May be used in multiple layers with the use of a steel plate in between the layers in order to reduce the natural frequency.

    • VIBRO-FM Floor pad isolator has been developed to reduce the impact noise of wooden floors and offers improved sound insulation of light partitions. Can be used in domestic or commercial applications. Ideal for reducing the noise from tranferring from the upper level of a space to the lower level.

    • VIBRO-FS is an impact noise isolator for timber wooden floors and to create a floating wall. It is primarily used in gymnasiums, dancing halls, basketball courts but can also be used in domestic applications. It’s semi-cylindrical modulation at its base increases the deflection, thus improving the vibration absorption.

    • VIBRO-JR is a jack up anti-vibration rubber mount with Regufoam for residential, commercial and industrial applications including raising concrete floating floors. It consists of a metal shell, that contains the anti-vibration polyurethane elastomer Regufoam properly designed to absorb the vibrations.

    • VIBRO-JS is a Jack-up anti-vibration mount for concrete floating floors. Ideal for floating floor in studios and very sensitive mechanical applications. Consists of a metal shell with a spring inside to absorb the vibrations. Easy to install and allows for height regulations.

    • VIBRO-SC is an anti-vibration wall connection used in order to add structural integrity of long and tall gypsum board walls, which are mounted on antivibration pads or based on a floating floor. It prevents horizontal vibration transmission and sound-bridges in walls structures. Ideal when space is limited between the isolated wall between the isolated wall and the main building structure as it is only 40mm wide.

    • VIBRO-WB is an anti-vibration wall brace that prevents horizontal vibration transmission and sound-bridges in walls structures. It creates a floating wall as it isolates the wall from the building structure. Commonly used for music studios, home cinemas and acoustically sensitive areas. It prevents the transmission of vibrations and sound bridges.

    • VIBRO-WS is an antivibration support for gypsumboard partitions. It can be used in recording or rehearsal studio applications, or wherever a floating wall is required. Installed on floor or ceiling metal profiles in correspondace with the c-studs or it can also be installed unified. Free spaces must be filled with sound absorption material.