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    VIBRO-FM Floor pad isolator has been developed to reduce the impact noise of wooden floors and offers improved sound insulation of light partitions. Can be used in domestic or commercial applications. Ideal for reducing the noise from tranferring from the upper level of a space to the lower level.


    Wooden Floor Mount Isolators

    VIBRO-FM is a new insulation system designed to reduce the impact noise in wooden floors. It is ideal for impact noise reduction on wooden floors and to improve the sound insulation of light partitions. It can be used for both domestic and commercial applications. Achieve a reduction of noise from the upper level to the lower level through the use of these high performance floor pads.

    VIBRO-FS floor pads consist of a metalic and an elastic part which are connected accordingly and as a result prevent the creation of a sound bridge.

    Fastening / Installation
    The lower strip of the VIBRO-FM pad, is fixed on the floor or on a secondary wooden batten with inox nail or with an expansion bolt and the primer wooden batten is fixed on the upper strip of the pad with the use of 2 nails or 1 screw on each side.
    Generally the Vibro-FM pads are placed in rows, at 400 mm distance between them, when the wood battens are spaced at 330 mm. The space between battens, needs to be filled with a sound absorbent material.
    All isolation systems must be free of rigid connections to the building structure.
    The floor should not lay on the wall and should be placed on a Vibro-band which is a specially designed elastic profile.
    Reduce the noise coming from the upper level to the lower level.


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