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    Office Spaces

    When you design an office space using ARCACOUSTICS’ acoustical materials, you can:

    • Enhance individual comfort levels
    • Increase worker productivity
    • Address speech privacy
    • Add visual aesthetics


    • AcousTech Pressure Zone Bass Traps convert acoustical energy into air motion by utilizing internally damped select-mass membrane that provides maximum attenuation of low frequency energy.

      AVL’s Bass Traps not only absorb low frequency sound but it also backscatters mid to high fequencies into the room to enhance spaciousness.

      Standard and custom factory tuned pressure zone systems are designed to absorb more bass in the frequency ranges required by the room.

      They are lightweight for ceiling, wall or freestanding installations and are modular and stackable.

      Pressure Zone Bass Traps are ideal for placement at intersecting walls or wall-ceiling corners as they are small enought to fit unobstructively in any room corner while achieving excellent performance.

    • AcousTech™ Ceiling Baffles are decorative and durable high-performance acoustical ceiling products for the control of exessive reverberation and echoes that interfer with the intended use of interior spaces.

    • AcousTech™ high-abuse resistant acoustic panels were designed to be light-weight and decorative while being able to withstand high abuse.

      The abuse protection of these acoustic panels is supplied by a concealed perforated, acoustically transparent co-polymer sheet that is laminated to the face of the core. Edges can be chemically hardened to further resist damage.

      These low frequency acoustic panels can be installed individually or together as a grouping.

    • AcousTech™ Acoustic Fabric Panels are a decorative high perfomance sound absorption panel for interior spaces. These acoustical panels were designed with the intention of controlling excess reverberation and echoes in spaces in which this is undesirable.

    • Acoustement 40 is compatible with unpainted concrete, masonry and steel substrates. It can be used as a decorative surfacing material or as a combination of these qualities even in conjunction as a fireproofing material.

      This material is recommended for exterior exposures where resistance to environmental pollution, rain, corrosion, and spalling is required and interior exposures where superior abuse resistance is required.

    • Acoustement Plaster 20 is a gypsum-based formulation that is 100% free from asbestos, mineral fiber polystyrene and cellulose. It can be used as a decorative surfacing material, an acoustically attenuating surfacing material or as a combination of these qualities. This material is recommended for interior applications where abuse resistance, but not contact is required.

    • AcoustiShell Cloud and Canopy’s curvilinear shape is designed to redirect sound spatially and coherently to audience listeners while maintaining desirable reverberation times.

      The scattering of sound and early reflections by curved shapes overhead improve musical clarity, volume, presence and intelligibility.

    • Desk Screens by ezoBord provide a great way to absorb sound and enhance speech intelligibility while adding privacy, colour, style and great tackability to any open work space. More than just a desk divider, ezoBord screens can be installed on any work surface.

    • Acoustical Net Canopies by ezoBord are designed to rest on top of modular wall systems or be suspended from ceilings. Completely customizable, they add flow, colour and acoustical balance to open ceiling environments while reducing unwanted noise. ​

    • Curve Ceiling Baffles by ezoBord are highly efficient both acoustically and decoratively. This vertical ceiling baffle system is the perfect balance of form, function and cost effectiveness and ideal for offices, public spaces, atriums and indoor pool areas.

    • Geo Clouds by ezoBord provide acoustical absorption and help define any open space. Utilizing integrated geometric shapes and a wide array of standard colours, Geo Clouds can be combined with Geo Tiles for continuous flow from ceilings to walls.

    • Geo Tiles have a fully tackable surface and can be applied to any wall with double sided ezoTape or contractor-grade, clear drying adhesives. For appearance purposes, we suggest purchasing tiles in a minimum of two colour combinations.

    • Hang this ezoBord Grid Canopy in any space to control room reverberation. Suspended grid canopies bring room acoustics to an entirely new level.

    • Obi Mobile Office Dividers are available in customizable surface patterns and add colour, shape and design while helping to control room acoustics. With a fully tackable surface, they can be ordered with partial or full white board options making them truly multi-functional.

    • Work Zone Dividers are a great way to absorb sound, enhance speech intelligibility and add privacy, colour and style to any open work area. With a fully tackable surface, ezoBord dividers are easy to install and re-position with optional suspension hardware (ordered separately).

    • Fresco™ Acoustical Decorative Coated Finish Panels feature a specially formulated face coating that provides the look of a painted gypsum or plaster along with high performance sound absorption.

      Fresco Decorative Coated Finish Panels are extremely effective at controlling excessive reverberation, noise and echoes that interfere with the intended use of the space.

    • The Huddle Arbour’s highly effective acoustic design reduces noise while creating a stylish quiet area and a sense of privacy. Deep-foamed sprung seat construction provides added comfort.

    • The Huddle Cave is an ideal space to meet or collaborate in private. Available in two-, four- or six-seat designs, these units feature deep-foamed seats and backs for added comfort. Complete with cutline-style table top, the media model includes monitor mount and integrated power supply.

    • The Huddle Modular High combines comfort with privacy, offering simple configuration options to suit any work place. With deep-foamed seats and backs for extra comfort, these units can be arranged in numerous shapes and layouts to provide many possibilities for relaxation and collaboration.

    • The iconic design of the Huddle Shed creates a genuine talking point while providing highly effective acoustic noise cancellation. The media model includes monitor mount and integrated power and data.

    • Interior Acoustic Door Panels offer a solution to solve the sound leakage and an alternative to installing two doors which isn’t always a valid choice. Through the use of SoundProof Windows’ Interior Acoustic Door Panels by ARCACOUSTICS sound can be better contained within each space.

    • The Jig Arbour’s superior acoustic design reduces noise while offering a quiet space for personal or collaborative work that includes a very comfortable webbed cushion. Decorative contrasting buttons are optional and the solid oak frame makes it perfect for heavy-use areas.

    • The effective acoustic design of the Jig Settee High reduces noise and is perfect for meetings or relaxing in style. It features a solid frame for heavy use areas and a webbed seat for maximum comfort. Decorative contrasting buttons are optional.

    • Impact sound insulation under lightweight concrete or topping, plywood raft, or engineered hardwoods

    • Impact sound insulation under hard surface floors including ceramic tile and stone, carpet and carpet tile, and hardwood flooring

    • Impact sound insulation under vinyl plank (LVT), sheet vinyl, carpet and carpet tile

    • Acoustic Steel Doors are an essential element to acoustically treating a space that requires excellent soundproofing. Soundproof Windows’ Acoustic Steel Doors have the highest STC rating of any 1.75″ thick acoustical door in the industry. They have been designed to work better than other manufacturer’s acoustic steel doors and provide a number of additional benefits.

    • By placing a soundproof sliding glass door along with current door noise reductions beyond 75% can be achieved. Not only do soundproof slidding glass doors help with sound reduction but they add increased security since they are made with laminated glass.

    • Soundproof Studio Sliding Glass Doors offer excellent soundproofing while maximizing space. These sliding glass doors are available in multi-panel telescoping configurations which allow large equipment to be moved in and out. Recording Studio Sliding Glass Doors can achieve a higher STC than most solid doors.

    • Soundproof Windows are a vital step in the construction of new buildings. The last thing you want in new construction is compaints that noise is easily transfering into and out of the space. Through the use of Soundproof Windows noise reduction and soundproofing can be achieved, eliminating 75 – 95% of the noise transference and with beautiful low profile aesthetics.

    • The StarSilent system is a smooth, seamless, sound-absorbing durable plaster finish system for walls and ceilings.

      The StarSilent panel is a sound-absorbing board made from post-consumer, recycled, crushed glass bottles and coated with sound permeable plasters. This product is used in many configurations where gypsum board is typically installed, including on curved surfaces of any radius and on compound curves.