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    Acoustical Furniture

    With the increasing popularity of open office design, acoustical furniture offers team members a place to have private meetings while maintaining a receptive look and feel in the work space.

    Some models are equipped with monitor mounts, LED lighting and integrated power and data for plugging in laptops and cellular devices.

    Ask us how we can modernize your office or commercial work place while increasing privacy, productivity and comfort.

    • The Huddle Arbour’s highly effective acoustic design reduces noise while creating a stylish quiet area and a sense of privacy. Deep-foamed sprung seat construction provides added comfort.

    • The Huddle Cave is an ideal space to meet or collaborate in private. Available in two-, four- or six-seat designs, these units feature deep-foamed seats and backs for added comfort. Complete with cutline-style table top, the media model includes monitor mount and integrated power supply.

    • The Huddle Modular High combines comfort with privacy, offering simple configuration options to suit any work place. With deep-foamed seats and backs for extra comfort, these units can be arranged in numerous shapes and layouts to provide many possibilities for relaxation and collaboration.

    • The iconic design of the Huddle Shed creates a genuine talking point while providing highly effective acoustic noise cancellation. The media model includes monitor mount and integrated power and data.

    • The Jig Arbour’s superior acoustic design reduces noise while offering a quiet space for personal or collaborative work that includes a very comfortable webbed cushion. Decorative contrasting buttons are optional and the solid oak frame makes it perfect for heavy-use areas.

    • The effective acoustic design of the Jig Settee High reduces noise and is perfect for meetings or relaxing in style. It features a solid frame for heavy use areas and a webbed seat for maximum comfort. Decorative contrasting buttons are optional.