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    Soundproof Windows are a vital step in the soundproofing of a space. Through the use of Soundproof Windows noise reduction and soundproofing can be achieved, eliminating 75 – 95% of the noise transference and with beautiful low profile aesthetics. Soundproof Windows allow you to achieve noise reduction without having to replace your current windows!

    Sound Control Windows may not be needed for all the windows in the space. If an acoustic consultant is involved he/she will define which windows should be soundproof in order to achieve noise reduction without having to treat all the windows. If there isn’t an acoustic consultant involved, we will advise which require soundproofing based on the situation. Often, only those facing the noise source, for example a busy highway, are treated.

    Benefits of Soundproof Windows

    Soundproof Windows transform your noisy environment into a quiet one by acting as a sound barrier. In addition to noise reduction, these acoustic windows also offer a number of other benefits to the space.

    Noise Reduction
    The use of Soundproof Windows reduces noise levels by 75% to 95% depending on the type of primary window, the thickness of the soundproof window, and the airspace in between the two.
    Energy Savings
    Noise Control Windows possess high insulation properties with an enhanced seal preventing drafts from entering the room. This leads to a reduction in energy costs from heating and cooling of up to 50% or more!
    Financial Savings
    Soundproof Windows cost less and more effective than replacing the current windows.
    Furthermore, Soundproof windows block 99% of UV radiation protecting your furniture and fabrics inside the space from UV degradation and sun discoloration.
    Enhanced Security
    Soundproof Windows are made with marine grade laminated glass which increases security significantly. Standard windows have tempered glass which can be easily broken by an intruder. Breaking through laminated glass requires time, effort and noise, and does not shatter when broken.
    Aesthetically Pleasing
    Noise Control windows have an aestehtically pleasing low profile making them unobstrusive. They come in 4 standard colours: white, dark bronze, black, and aluminum, and they are also available in custom colours. These soundproof windows can also be frosted or tinted for additional privacy. Our Soundproof Windows often soften the harsh bronze colour or appearance of current windows.

    How it works

    With the use of SoundProof Windows it is not necesary to replace your existing windows. A second window is placed behind your existing window that opens and closes just like your current one and offers more benefits than replacement windows.

    Soundproof Windows use marine grade laminated glass. The inner PVB layer of plastic attenuates vibrations while the airspace between the two windows allows the frame to be isolated from vibration. The seals in the frame are spring loaded which puts a constant squeeze on the glass panels. This constant squeeze prevents sound leakage and helps stop the noise from vibrating through the glass.

    Takes only hours to install, simple and fast, causing little or no mess.

    Soundproof windows can be flush mounted, surface mounted or surfaced mounted with a sill. Window coverings either have to remain between the existing window and the soundproof window or re-installed on the interior of the room above the soundproof window.


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