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    Acoustic Windows & Doors

    Soundproof Windows

    Windows can play a huge part in the transfer of noise from outdoor spaces to indoor spaces. Single pane glass and double (dual) pane glass both have very poor sound reduction properties. In fact, more sound comes through these windows than through regular walls.
    Installing acoustic windows is an important step in soundproofing any room. They’ll capture much more noise than even high-performance regular windows do, drastically reducing noise levels by 75–95%.

    This is why you should consider acquiring soundproof windows to help with overall space acoustics.

    Soundproof Doors

    Doorways are a key part of the room that should be treated acoustically to achieve noise reduction and speech privacy. ARCACOUSTICS offers soundproof acoustic steel doors, interior door-glass acoustic panels and sliding glass doors.

    Through the use of soundproof acoustic windows and doors, ARCACOUSTICS can help solve your noise problems, create a sound oasis and enhance your interior spaces.