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    VIBRO-AM is an antivibration mount suitable for low frequency vibration control. It consists of a metal plate and a special elastic profile, resistant to outdoor conditions, thus offering better isolation efficiency at high frequencies.


    Spring Mounts Free Standing

    VIBRO-AM is an antivibration free standing, single spring mount. It is used for low frequency vibration control.

    The base is a galvanized metal plate covered by a special rubber pad, resistant to outdoor conditions. The design of the rubber profile offers better insulation efficiency at high frequencies that can be transmitted through its metal structure. The oval base has two holes for fixing with M8 pass-through bolts. At the upper part there is a M8 bolt for fixing at the machinery.

    Dynamic CharacteristicsDeflection 25 mm at maximum loadNatural Frequency: 3 Hz at maximum loadAvailable also with 50mm deflection


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