Demonstration of Vibration Isolation

Regupol® Vibration Isolation Materials are ideal for isolating machinery/equipment and buildings from external vibration sources. Regupol® serves as a spring and damper due to its dynamic characteristics.

Regupol® Vibration materials offer low natural frequencies which are constant over wide load ranges and can be installed in multiple layers. Regupol® Vibration is available in 8 unique types, each engineered for a specific load range, and available in either rolls or sheets.

The video below demonstrates the effectiveness of Regupol® Vibration Isolation Materials of reducing structure-borne and airborne sound.

Airborne Noise

When the wind-up music box is held without touching the table the sound it produces can be considered to be at a medium level. Without touching the table the sound we hear is airborne noise.

Airborne and Structure-borne Noise

When the wind-up music box is placed on the table the sound it produces increases significantly as not only is the sound tranfered through the air but it is now also being transfered through the structure (the table).

Elimination of Structure-borne Noise

When Regupol® Vibration Isolation Material is placed below the wind-up music box it eliminates structure-borne sound by placing a damper between the noise source and the table. We just hear airborne sound.

Reduction of Airborne Noise

Finally, when a noise enclosure lined with noise absorbing material is placed over the wind-up music box placed on the Regupol® Vibration Isolation Material airborne noise transference is reduced.

In conclusion, through the use of Regupol® Vibration Isolation Materials and a Noise Enclosure significant reduction of airborne and structure-borne noise tranference can be achieved.

See the video below for a demonstration on Reducing Airborne and Structure-borne noise using Regupol Sound and Vibration Isolation Materials.

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